MRE Consulting: The Customer-Driven ETRM Consultants

MRE Consulting: The Customer-Driven ETRM Consultants

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Subi Philip, Director, MRE ConsultingSubi Philip, Director
Over the years, the nature of energy trading and risk management (ETRM) has evolved with the complex markets they serve. In turn, CIOs must deliver solutions that provide front office to back office support, enable business agility while managing risk, and connect organizations to the customers they serve.

“Nothing is more exciting than the impact we see modern technology having on the ETRM space. It is allowing our clients to re-imagine their business models and how they engage with their customers. Salesforce has demonstrated being the market leader in innovation and focused on delivering industry specific offerings. By partnering with Salesforce, we are collaborating on new solutions for energy and utilities customers to deliver positive change and maximize their investment.” says Subi Philip, Director of the Salesforce practice at MRE Consulting. As a cloud-based platform, Salesforce is a flexible foundation for digital transformation. Developers can build and scale applications quickly in a low-code environment, delivering business impact quickly and effectively. Salesforce complements the rigidity of an ETRM, which is highly sophisticated to meet the needs of trading organizations and regulatory requirements. The process from concept to prototype to production is accelerated, driving technology innovation. "Leveraging the Salesforce platform is helping to drive digital transformation initiatives. Its artificial intelligence capabilities are helping to uncover new business insights for decision making." explains Subi.

ETRM systems must offer high-volume processing, enhanced risk analytics tools, and complex reporting capabilities to help firms calculate sophisticated intraday positions and meet regulatory requirements. While these factors play a decisive role in choosing the right ETRM solution, there is also the need for companies to implement, optimize, and maintain it as per their business goals and available resources. Achieving all these can consume time, financial resources, and, most importantly, requires expertise— criteria not everyone can meet.

Founded in 1994, MRE Consulting is a technology and business consulting firm that helps companies solve tough challenges, create value, and be competitive. It is a leader in commodity trading and risk management systems and offers consulting services spanning technology strategy, customer relationship management, business intelligence, compliance, and professional staffing. The company has established itself as a premier partner for energy and utilities clients. "MRE exists to serve its clients. We leverage a combination of our technology expertise, proven methodology, and business acumen to build lasting solutions," says Bill Bucy, Partner, MRE Consulting.

The company strives to apply leading practices that are relevant and impactful to our clients' business objectives. To elaborate, Bucy highlights an instance of MRE working with a large natural gas supplier to build and execute a technology roadmap that enabled the value realization of their recent acquisitions. Prior to engaging MRE, they used multiple systems to conduct their business, making it challenging and costly to analyze, transact, and report information for customers and employees.

Bill Bucy, Partner

MRE’s vision included an Energy Trade Risk Management (ETRM) system, a Salesforce solution for real-time pricing, and a Salesforce Community webbased portal for customer engagement. This program helped the client streamline their systems and processes, deliver a better customer experience, and reduce total cost of ownership.

In another case, MRE collaborated with an integrated energy company in the UK that needed a risk management system to replace multiple external systems, provide enhanced efficiency and risk transparency for trading and energy services businesses, and enable them to better serve their customers. “We conducted an assessment to select and design an ETRM system to fit their needs and determine how to best support all commodities, and provide significant improvement in functionality, risk transparency and scalability,” says Bucy.

Leveraging the Salesforce platform is helping to drive digital transformation initiatives. Its artificial intelligence capabilities are helping to uncover new business insights for decision making

MRE takes a businesscase approach to help clients understand the upside of a technology investment and its impact on their business through documented KPIs. The company typically begins a client engagement by understanding customer requirements, processes, and technology stack through a structured assessment. "After assessing the client's current processes, we design a purpose-fit solution, develop a work plan, and identify the delivery team needed,” says Bucy.

Our methodology recognizes that a project’s success is ultimately dependent on the client’s ability to support the new solution. The delivery team is designed to be an extension of the client’s team, with consultants complementing existing staff. During the project, we strive to ensure robust knowledge transfer so that the client team can support themselves after the delivery of the solution.

Technology leaders are faced with pressure to make strategic investments that not only drive business value but are future-proof. What's gives MRE an edge is its focus on ETRM and staying current on how leading business and technology trends are impacting the energy industry. Our perspective and work leverages Cloud, Big Data, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms in combination with ETRM to enable new use cases and streamline existing operations. Leading energy companies are partnering with MRE to leverage core Salesforce capabilities for sales process automation, real-time configurable pricing, and customer engagement. Innovating to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving energy trading space is critical for companies.

“Our goal is to help companies solve tough business challenges, create value, and deliver results. That means developing solutions for long term success,” says Bill. With no signs of stopping, the company envisions continuing to drive innovation by bringing IT and business together.

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MRE Consulting

MRE Consulting

Houston, TX

Subi Philip, Director and Bill Bucy, Partner

Founded in 1994, MRE is a leader in ETRM consulting and support, providing innovative business solutions, specialized services and elite staffing to organizations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.