Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies - 2020
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Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies - 2020

Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems have proven to be the epicenter of the energy industry and are piloting the entire business activity. In the digital world, forward-looking trading companies are leveraging ETRM systems across the sector to exchange information within the credit, operations, contract, trade floor, and accounting functions. ETRM systems also entail comprehensive risk management strategies, event and trade identification, and scheduling and settlement execution.

As the energy trading industry undergoes swift changes, it presents energy traders with numerous opportunities and risks. Market participants that rely on modern and integrated ETRM solutions have been successful in managing the complex business processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the onslaught of ever-emerging policies, it can be expected that spending on energy trading and risk management (ETRM) services and related software will continue to increase in the coming years with growing numbers of replacements needed to upgrade to more modern technology architectures and toolsets. Companies will continue to leverage ETRM systems to better review architectures, technologies, and data in an attempt to increase adaptability and responsiveness. This will likely also include initiatives like applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) around the idea of allowing machines to access data and learn themselves, as opposed to traditional rules-based systems prepared by humans.

To further improve the efficiency and speed of those workflows, RPA is also being looked at as a means of reducing the repetitive processes via a virtual worker. Besides, blockchain will continue to be tested and may have finally found some commercial applications in the energy arena. Increasingly, ETRM is also being deployed as a service in the cloud, and it will become more modular in the future to keep costs down, counter risks, and improve effectiveness. More emphasis will be upon optimizing assets and operations for increased profit and competitiveness.

To stay ahead of the competition, it demands vigilance and innovation. Not only do you need to keep up-to-date with the ever changing trends, but you need to apply them in the way that makes the most sense. Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of top 10 ETRM solution providers and service providers to guide energy companies in harnessing the power of technology to tackle today’s energy trading and risk management challenges. We hope this issue of the Energy CIO Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven energy trading.

We present to you, Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top ETRM Solution Companies

  • An award-winning provider of next-generation ETRM solutions which offers an alternative to other established providers. The company's TRMTracker ETRM solution supports the entire trading cycle from trade capture and contract management, to portfolio management, risk controls, collateral and credit management, and regulatory compliance reporting. Being able to serve companies trading energy commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, and power, it requires system flexibility to navigate the constant changes in the market. Both the Back-to- Front Development of TRMTracker and the high degree of user configurability, will reduce the risk that large monolith legacy system face: unmanageable, inflexible and costly to maintain

  • Value Creed’s first dual time zone managed services support offering for CTRM/ETRM platforms Run Smart enables energy companies to enhance performance and business value. It offers a lower level of dependency on traditional, high-priced consulting firms while positioning the business to seize market expansion opportunities. The company plays a significant role in helping clients optimize and manage their CTRM solutions with Run Smart’s unique approach. The team at Value Creed monitors the clients’ CTRM application around the clock and proactively addresses concerns to ensure clients start the business seamlessly. The company operates in both North America and APAC, serving CIOs worldwide

  • Using industry expertise, fit-for-purpose approaches, and applicable technology, Veritas Total Solutions develops creative, breakthrough solutions that deliver practical and enduring results. Veritas designs and implements best-of-breed solutions to address inefficiencies in business processes, applications, infrastructure, and reporting. Furthermore, Veritas helps clients to establish a security model for safeguarding their data whether their applications are housed on-premise or in the cloud. With ‘true impact’ as the central theme for Veritas, the firm focuses on creating lasting impact for their clients by by adding business value and delivering exceptional results through a collaborative, professional and seamless experience

  • Allegro Commodity Management

    Allegro Commodity Management

    Allegro is the prominent company in commodity management software for companies who buy, sell, produce, or consume commodities. Allegro has been enabling position visibility, risk management, comprehensive controls, and regulatory compliance through our forward-compatible platform. The company’s commodity trading and risk management solution support a variety of different industries, commodities, and departments without requiring significant customization. So whether the client is a crude oil marketer, a petrochemical risk manager, a natural gas scheduler, or an agricultural operation professional, Allegro will ensure the client is connected to the right information at the right time

  • Aspect Enterprise Solutions

    Aspect Enterprise Solutions

    Customers choose Aspect Enterprise because they are different than other solutions providers in the commodities trading space. The difference is improving the bottom line, user experience, and overall performance of their customers. The Aspect Cloud has transformed the way businesses approach, deploy, and run an ETRM/CTRM system. All of their solutions are delivered through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud. The client must have an Internet connection to log on. There is no software to install or dedicated hardware to manage, leaving them free to make the most of the broad spectrum of risk analysis and decision support systems ready to be deployed in record time and at a minimal cost

  • Destwin, LLC

    Destwin, LLC

    The Destwin platform is an electronic business system that includes a comprehensive set of mission-critical management tools that enhance the productivity of the staff, increase the efficiency of the operations, reduce the exposure to risk, and improve the ability to market the products and services. The company’s FUEL DEALER SOLUTION is designed for retail energy marketers. It can be integrated into the back office data with a customer web portal to improve lead generation. CONNECT MOBILE APP allows the customers to seamlessly get access to all their account information, make payments, and order fuel directly on a mobile device with YOUR branded mobile application

  • EKA Software Solutions

    EKA Software Solutions

    Eka provides Commodity Management solutions serving the entire trading value chain across agriculture, energy, metals, mining, and manufacturing markets. Eka is reimagining commodity management with a modern platform designed for commodity companies that need to flex, grow, and adapt to market forces - from sourcing to trading & risk and supply chain to downstream. The company is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut and was founded in 2004. The company specializes in Platform for Physical Commodity Companies, Supply Chain, Risk & Derivatives, Analytics, ETRM, CTRM, Risk Management, Commodity Analytics, ETRM Solutions, CTRM Solutions, Energy Software, Agriculture Software, Bulk Management Software, Risk & Trading Solutions, Metals & Mining Software, Commodity Solutions, Commodity Management, Cloud Based CTRM ETRM, Cloud Analytic Solutions, and Procurement Solutions

  • iRely


    iRely is a premier, global provider of business execution software. Their solutions help companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering CRM, Sales, Financials, Risk Management, Operations, Customer Support, and more. Offering a broad range of industry-specific solutions built on top of a comprehensive core platform. The iRely software is designed in a way so that it works the way their client’s business works. One solution operates in real-time that is developed on a modern technology stack that functions in both front and back office. It is also available anywhere an internet connection exists and provides its customers a holistic view of their business and the opportunity to increase profits and customer satisfaction

  • Openlink Financial

    Openlink Financial

    Openlink, an ION Investment Group company, provides award-winning solutions for trading, treasury and risk management to serve energy companies, commodity-intensive corporations, and financial services institutions on-premises and via the Openlink Cloud. The company specializes in Trading, treasury and risk management software. The company helps to collect and correlate all the data automatically into a single source of actionable intelligence creating transparency, uncovering value and mitigating risk. The company creates software and solutions that provide a single source of truth across the enterprise that allows you to capitalize on unforeseen value and mitigate against systemic risks

  • QuantRisk


    QuantRisk is a prominent provider of integrated cutting-edge, high-performance Trading, Analytics, Risk Management, Asset, and Trading Optimization solutions, implemented on-site and on the cloud. The company offers cost-effective, ready-for-use, light cloud solutions for smaller and midsize players. They even use advanced risk analytics seamlessly integrated throughout trading and risk management. Their risk management consists of forwarding curve fitting, stochastic models and Monte Carlo simulation, deep learning Artificial Intelligence, fuzzy logic, mixed-integer, and genetic optimization. QuantRisk even offers its clients with Power Trading Optimization for generation and procurement portfolio, including bidding to ISOs