Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies - 2018
Brady PLC: The ETRM Behemoths

Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies - 2018

Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems have grabbed the central position in the energy industry and are piloting the entire business activity. Along with risk and trade management, ETRM systems now also encompass strategy, compliance, accounting, and analytics for complex multi-asset businesses. These systems are evolving with regard to the transforming market structures of networked energy systems as well as energy commodities, including changes in the nature of products and solutions.

Banks are no longer the primary energy trading entities and are being replaced by asset operators, physical traders, and trading houses with a strong physical and operational foundation. As a result, ETRM systems are focusing more on asset management in addition to management of risks associated with contract portfolio and supply chain logistics. These systems are also required to tackle credit and operational risks revolving around financial products that include futures, forwards, and derivatives along with taking the underlying physical product into account. This can be achieved by leveraging relevant data structures and mapping mechanisms, thus, managing risks and combining data from both physical and financial ends.

While ETRM systems continue to boost strategic decision-making with the help of analytical tools, the companies creating cross-asset, multi-model platforms that are flexible and integrate various aspects of the value chain are emerging as winners in the market.

To help companies stay on top of these all-embracing trends in the energy marketplace, we present to you an edition on energy trading and risk management (ETRM). Our distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board have shortlisted some of the most reputed ETRM solution providers.

We present to you Energy CIO Insight’s “Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top ETRM Solution Companies

  • Builds bespoke software ETRM platforms focused on trading and the clients in the energy trading space

  • A global provider of cloud based integrated, ETRM/CTRM and Market Data enterprise with one-password access for users to perform pre-trade analysis and trade, risk and operations management in one system

  • With its ETRM expertise, the company helps clients implement or upgrade software and provides end-to-end integration and extension solutions

  • The company provides E/CTRM, risk advisory, and M&A advisory consulting services for businesses active in the global commodity markets

  • Brady plc is the largest European-headquartered provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity and energy markets. Brady combines fully integrated and complete solutions that support the entire commodity trading operation

  • A trusted IT partner for the ETRM Community with an exclusive focus on the trading and risk management cluster

  • Delivers fit for purpose human capital solutions that drive prosperity to businesses of all sizes

  • A full service specialized risk advisory and consultancy firm servicing all areas of enterprise risk management

  • A full-service, energy-consulting firm that addresses a company’s most important challenges

  • MRE Consulting

    MRE Consulting

    Specializes in the management of specialized CTRM projects — from a single source