AXCELERUS: Innovative Solutions Enable Strategic Vision

AXCELERUS: Innovative Solutions Enable Strategic Vision

John Schimelpfenig, Executive Principal, AXCELERUSJohn Schimelpfenig, Executive Principal
Price volatility, socio-political disturbances, demand moderation, longer term trends on renewables, E/CTRM vendor consolidation, and technological changes (such as P2P block-chain) impact today’s global commodity markets. Such developments and displacements heighten the challenges in managing demand and supply value-chain commodity risks. Imagine the potential gains if the convenience of strategic, technical and business expertise is brought to the E/CTRM space by trusted advisors without “Big 4” overhead. AXCELERUS makes this a reality by providing E/CTRM, Strategy, and Risk Advisory consultancy in global commodity markets, with a focus on the energy market including upstream and downstream oil, power, gas, physical and financial trading, transportation, and renewables.

AXCELERUS grew as an ambition to create a truly effective consulting firm covering all commodities when three principal partners—former “Big-4”senior professionals with over 20 years of industry and consulting experience successfully serving prominent global corporations—joined hands. A risk management professional and commodity trader, John Schimelpfenig, Executive Principal of AXCELERUS, understands transacting risks, governance & controls, and front-to-back office operations and drives E/CTRM selection & implementation projects. Roger Schaffland, Managing Principal, who once headed Deloitte’s E/CTRM technology practice, is an industry specialist with experience in energy, financial services, and manufacturing sectors, and leads the strategy and technology side of the practice. Well-versed in business process improvements, quant and risk strategy development, enterprise risk management, and interface solutions, Prashant Shah, Executive Principal, handles the transaction lifecycle, risk management, and reporting and E/CTRM implementation at AXCELERUS. The three experts and their team incorporate skills across the value-chain to help clients navigate the complexities of energy markets. AXCELERUS’s program management, M&A advisory, E/CTRM system advisory expertise are much sought after by CXOs.

Enable your CXO’s strategic vision to seize opportunities and improve shareholder value by empowering resources to better manage risks and operate efficiently

AXCELERUS is skilled in the specialized E/ CTRM advisory space through experience helping manage risk, hedging, and IT strategies, business process improvements, or selecting and implementing a system from major E/CTRM vendors such as OpenLink, Triple Point, SunGard/FIS, Allegro, EKA, and Brady. The company’s proprietary CTRM-IQTM and AppRat™ solutions focus on optimizing and streamlining business and technology investments. CTRM-IQTM is a tool that allows companies to map a number of items, across the transacting value-chain – business requirements, risk view, supply chain view, regulatory view among others. Their AppRat™ methodology is to assess a company’s overall technology architecture and look at ways to rationalize the processes by reducing, consolidating, or eliminating redundant systems. AXCELERUS is also a proponent of E/CTRM EcoSystem™ – a perspective enabling a holistic review of all linked systems and processes.

AXCELERUS provides advisory and technical services for business and IT strategies. PMO services are a primary offering, as are E/CTRM system evaluation, augmentation, and implementation, and related business process improvements. It provides acquisition and integration support for M&A projects –having completed recent M&A projects supporting buy-side acquisitions. AXCELERUS’ Principals are skilled in assisting CXO’s with enabling their Strategic Vision through Value- Added Initiatives. “Enable your CXO’s strategic vision to seize opportunities and improve shareholder value by empowering resources to better manage risks and operate efficiently,” explains Schimelpfenig. “We also believe in the 7 P’s”, adds Schimelpfenig: “Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.”

The company is investing in developing perspectives on emerging technologies, including block-chain and predictive analytics. It is also strategically aligning with other complementary organizations that provide enhanced analytics capabilities for optimizing supply chain management, scenario analysis, and predictability. “We are client-centric. We collaboratively bring together a network of skilled partners to enable successful solutions for our clients,” concludes John.

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John Schimelpfenig, Executive Principal and Roger Schaffland, Managing Principal and Prashant Shah, Executive Principal

The company provides E/CTRM, risk advisory, and M&A advisory consulting services for businesses active in the global commodity markets