AXCELERUS: Shorter, Faster, and Nimble E/CTRM Solution Implementationt

AXCELERUS: Shorter, Faster, and Nimble E/CTRM Solution Implementationt

Roger Schaffland, Managing Principal, AXCELERUSRoger Schaffland, Managing Principal
Implementation of E/CTRM systems continues to be among the biggest challenges energy companies face today. With the onset of newer technologies such as cloud, smart-grid, further digitalization and big data, they need to make sure that their E/CTRM systems are compliant with data governance and cybersecurity rules. Addressing these and other challenges is AXCELERUS, a consulting company that offers its risk management strategy and advisory services to simplify and fast track the implementation of E/CTRM systems while adhering to compliance requirements. “Our company is focused on bringing agility to get an implementation process that is shorter, faster, compliant, and more nimble for clients and vendors,” says Roger Schaffland, Managing Principal of AXCELERUS.

AXCELERUS began with a mission to create a truly effective consulting firm covering all commodities when three principal partners, Prashant Shah, John Schimelpfenig and Schaffland—former “Big-4”senior professionals with over 20 years of industry and consulting experience—joined hands.The three experts and their team incorporate skills across the value-chain to help clients navigate the complexities of energy and commodities markets. Today, , AXCELERUS’ has expanded into focusing on base metal, agriculture, apart from energy commodities such as oil, gas, electricity, renewables, and related. The vision of AXCELERUS is to help clients rethink the services to reduce risks, lower costs, improve adoption and shorten delivery of C/ETRM solutions. A key ingredient that gives AXCELERUS an edge over the competitors is CTRM-IQTM, a proprietary knowledge base incorporating the vendor experiences, risk & hedging strategy, and institutional knowledge of different marketplace.

As a specialized E/CTRM advisory, AXCELERUS offers E/CTRM EcoSystem Services that connects different systems, business processes, and skills as a holistic solution to enhance the transaction value chain.

Our company is bringing agility to get an implementation process that is shorter, faster, compliant, and more nimble for clients and vendors

The EcoSystem consists of various layers including identifying requirements and implementing best practices, controls, risk management, and business processes for easier adoption of E/CTRM systems.“We bring a unique viewpoint on E/CTRM–ERP integration and addressing key management reporting challenges,” says Schaffland. The broad overview offered by the E/CTRM EcoSystem enables the client to analyze what other features they can access from which systems upon implementation compared to their original requirements. The company’s AXcelerators, such as proprietary AppRatTM, are focused on optimizing and streamlining business & technology investments in the E/CTRM EcoSystem.. “We can quickly identify if the EcoSystem is in stress and provide our clients with solutions to extract the best value for their investment,” explains Schaffland. AXCELERUS collaborates with industry vendors and has a flexible as well as market responsive partnership approach.

To highlight the benefits that AXCELERUS offers to its clients, Schaffland shares a client interaction with a non-energy client, a global metals trader. The company revamped the client's business operation with credit management, specific selection, and process re-engineering services. On leveraging their solution, the client was able to increase its market growth exponentially. Similarly, AXCELERUS has also provided services to a leading Middle Eastern supply chain company in search of an effortless system implementation process. The company helped the client eliminate legacy systems and re-engineer their business processes. In the energy space, the company has offered strategic advisory services such as E/CTRM valuation services as well as has supported clients Day1/Day 2 merger and acquisitions initiatives, apart from its regular E/ CTRM implementation and EcoSystem services.

In conclusion, AXCELERUS’ intelligent consultancy model is designed with the aim to engage with the client for long-term and add value to their E/ CTRM initiatives. “We are constantly improvising our strategy in terms of intelligent vendor consultancy for our clients to have an easy implementation experience,” explains Schaffland.

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Roger Schaffland, Managing Principal

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