Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies - 2019
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Top 10 ETRM Solution Companies - 2019

“Easy to do badly and difficult to do well” is what defines the energy industry the best. Traversing the wholesale energy markets has never been a cake walk. When global deregulation made an entrance over two decades ago, it only gave way to more complicated market segments that required in-depth expertise and tools. The best option was to use energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems that aid energy traders in dealing with volatile markets and pilot energy transactions over the whole trade life cycle.

Following the global financial crisis of 2008, when market participants faced an onslaught of ever-emerging policies, it was ETRM systems that delivered them from the challenges of increased complexity and workload, containing operating cost, and regulatory requirements. Manual processes are now a thing of the past with ETRM systems that automate complex and routine tasks and business processes, reducing costly errors in turn. As the energy trading industry undergoes swift changes, it presents energy traders with numerous opportunities and risks. Market participants that rely on modern and integrated ETRM solutions have been successful in managing the complex business processes efficiently and cost-effectively. Only this way can they closely manage their main challenges of increased complexity and workload, containing operating cost, and regulatory requirements.

ETRM systems have now cemented themselves as the business nerve center, co-evolving with the networked energy systems as the focus grows more on underlying physicals, with optimisation, asset management, and portfolio management being the key driving factors. The ETRM systems are supported mainly by vendor Support and Maintenance, SaaS/ hosted, Implementation and Consulting technologies.

We present to you Energy CIO Insight’s “Top 10 ETRM Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top ETRM Companies

  • Offers E/CTRM and risk consultancy to the organizations in the commodity and energy market

  • Brady provides packaged and bespoke solutions supporting the entire energy commodity trading operation, from the capture of financial and physical contracts, risk management, handling of physical operations, to back office financials and treasury settlement

  • Optimus provides services to energy trading and marketing organizations that empower them with Human Capital solutions to employ a task force that brings efficient productivity, agility and execution across Strategic Consulting, Direct Hire Placement and Interim Staffing

  • An award-winning provider of next-generation ETRM solutions which offers an alternative to other established providers

  • Using industry expertise, fit-for-purpose approaches, and applicable technology, Veritas Total Solutions develops creative, breakthrough solutions that deliver practical and enduring results

  • Amphora


    Provides an end-to-end multi-commodity trading and risk management solution that offers robust functionality and supports rapidly growing business demands

  • capSpire


    capSpire's easy-to-use optimization aggregates data from multiple systems to help companies maximize inventory levels and plan for multiple supply/demand scenarios

  • CubeLogic


    Provides RiskCubed platform that enables timely risk analysis to mitigate exposure and maximize returns on marketing and trading activity in energy, commodity and financial markets

  • Eka


    Eka’s digital commodity management platform breaks monolithic CTRM systems into modular, bite-sized chunks of powerful apps

  • Fendahl Technology

    Fendahl Technology

    Delivers Fusion CTRM that supports the requirements of Front Office, Operations and Back Office and provides powerful in-built reporting tools