Pioneer Solutions: Energy Trading Software at its Best

Pioneer Solutions: Energy Trading Software at its Best

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Uday Baral, President, Pioneer SolutionsUday Baral, President
At a time where energy trading and risk management (ETRM) operations demand flexible and scalable ETRM solutions, companies continue to expose themselves by using disconnected Excel spreadsheets or underperforming legacy systems, whether vendor-supplied or built inhouse. Being surrounded by increased complexity, companies equipped with a next generation ETRM system, such as from Pioneer Solutions, are positioned to not only manage their risk, improve profitability and ensure compliance, but also benefit from new opportunities.

While ETRM systems have been commercially available for almost two decades, few were conceived with the back-office as a starting point. Pioneer Solutions, started out with standalone specialized modules, such as Complex Settlement, Hedge Accounting, and Renewable Energy Certificate management. As a result, when TRMTracker, Pioneer’s front-to-back ETRM system, was brought to market it offered a next generation solution with superior output capabilities, ready to support non-standard structured deals (think C&I or Wind PPAs), regulatory reporting (Dodd Frank, MIFID, REMIT, EMIR), and Digital Transformation (‘Digitize before you Robotize’).

The TRMTracker ETRM solution supports the entire trading cycle from trade capture and contract management, to portfolio management, risk controls, collateral and credit management, and regulatory compliance reporting.

Selecting the right ETRM solution is critical to achieve a Return-On- Investment, however, that is only part of the journey as that software must still be properly implemented. Pioneer Solutions takes an Agile approach, originated from the software development space but has proven to be effective when used in enterprise implementations like ETRM with great success, for which the company has been recognized with #1 Implementation rankings over the past years.

Being able to serve companies trading energy commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, and power, it requires system flexibility to navigate the constant changes in the market. Both the Back-to- Front Development of TRMTracker and the high degree of user configurability, will reduce the risk that large monolith legacy system face: unmanageable, inflexible and costly to maintain. Pioneer achieves this by allowing users to easily extend the application functionality without having to go back to coding, such as the ability to create user-defined field and tables that can be added to extend data models concerning deals, counterparties, and mapping tables.

The award-winning and web-based ETRM applications from Pioneer Solutions have been available for delivery in a cloud environment from the beginning. Over the years, it has been able to serve all customer deployment preferences, including traditional on-premise installation and remotely hosted by Pioneer in either public or private cloud. Launched last year and leveraging its highly configurable ETRM system without the need for re-engineering, Pioneer SaaS delivered via www. combines a standard set of ‘enterprise-grade’ tools across the Front, Mid and Back office, with an innovative self-serve configuration approach, thereby delivering a less costly next-generation ETRM software solution and simplifying digital transformation.

“Not only do we provide next-generation technology, but also the solutions that the market demands: from front-to-back to modular functionality, enterprise and non-enterprise (SaaS) offerings, as well as deployment options including on-premise and cloud,” says Uday Baral, President of Pioneer Solutions.

Over the years, Pioneer has helped numerous energy companies with, including, small to large companies in North America and Europe, and has gained broad experience with Trading Firms, Energy Retailers, Generators, and Utilities.

Recognized for its Top-Rated technology, implementation, and services, Pioneer is well positioned to deliver next-generation solutions to growing businesses that need a modern, agile ETRM solution that is cost-effective, scales rapidly and future-proofs their company for long term innovation and growth. Pioneer has multiple major initiatives to lined up for the future, including enhanced business analytics, empowering client-assist materials to reduce vendor reliance, expanding logistics, broadening commodity support and market connections. A bright future awaits.

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Pioneer Solutions


Uday Baral, President

An award-winning provider of next-generation ETRM solutions which offers an alternative to other established providers