Top 10 ETRM Services/Consulting Companies - 2020
Principia Consulting: A New Chapter for CTRM Worldwide

Top 10 ETRM Services/Consulting Companies - 2020

Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) systems have proven to be the epicenter of the energy industry and are piloting the entire business activity. In the digital world, forward-looking trading companies are leveraging ETRM systems across the sector to exchange information within the credit, operations, contract, trade floor, and accounting functions. ETRM systems also entail comprehensive risk management strategies, event and trade identification, and scheduling and settlement execution.

As the energy trading industry undergoes swift changes, it presents energy traders with numerous opportunities and risks. Market participants that rely on modern and integrated ETRM solutions have been successful in managing the complex business processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the onslaught of ever-emerging policies, it can be expected that spending on energy trading and risk management (ETRM) services and related software will continue to increase in the coming years with growing numbers of replacements needed to upgrade to more modern technology architectures and toolsets. Companies will continue to leverage ETRM systems to better review architectures, technologies, and data in an attempt to increase adaptability and responsiveness. This will likely also include initiatives like applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) around the idea of allowing machines to access data and learn themselves, as opposed to traditional rules-based systems prepared by humans.

To further improve the efficiency and speed of those workflows, RPA is also being looked at as a means of reducing the repetitive processes via a virtual worker. Besides, blockchain will continue to be tested and may have finally found some commercial applications in the energy arena. Increasingly, ETRM is also being deployed as a service in the cloud, and it will become more modular in the future to keep costs down, counter risks, and improve effectiveness. More emphasis will be upon optimizing assets and operations for increased profit and competitiveness.

To stay ahead of the competition, it demands vigilance and innovation. Not only do you need to keep up-to-date with the ever changing trends, but you need to apply them in the way that makes the most sense. Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of top 10 ETRM solution providers and service providers to guide energy companies in harnessing the power of technology to tackle today’s energy trading and risk management challenges. We hope this issue of the Energy CIO Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven energy trading.

We present to you, Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 ETRM Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top ETRM Services/Consulting Companies

  • AXCELERUS, a consulting company that offers its risk management strategy and advisory services to simplify and fast track the implementation of E/CTRM systems while adhering to compliance requirements The vision of AXCELERUS is to help clients rethink the services to reduce risks, lower costs, improve adoption and shorten delivery of C/ETRM solutions. As a specialized E/CTRM advisory, AXCELERUS offers E/CTRM EcoSystem Services that connects different systems, business processes, and skills as a holistic solution to enhance the transaction value chain

  • Founded in 1994, MRE is a leader in ETRM consulting and support, providing innovative business solutions, specialized services and elite staffing to organizations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

  • Optimus provides services to energy trading and marketing organizations that empower them with human capital solutions to employ a task force that brings efficient productivity, agility and execution across strategic consulting, direct hire placement and interim staffing. By working with the key stakeholders of its ETRM clients, Optimus assists them in better aligning expectations across the business and developing effective relationships with their business peers. Optimus, through its unique resourcing model combines the best resources for each specific project and provides the “fit for purpose” resources the client needs, reinforcing the strength of the collective team by understanding the capabilities of both internal and third party team members.

  • Principia consultants deliver industry tested business “Best Practices” customized to add maximum efficiency to client’s workflows

  • ACT Commodities

    ACT Commodities

    ACT Commodities is one of the global leaders in trading energy commodities. They connect the supply and demand of environmental certificates and physical products, all over the world. The company brings the right solutions for the client’s needs, at the right time. With offices in Amsterdam, Paris, New York, and Shanghai our energy commodities trading knowledge and network are more extensive than any other. All of this enables the company to offer an unrivaled choice, service, and reliability. The company specializes in Environmental Products, Carbon Credits, Renewable Energy Certificates, Green Certificates, Biofuels, Corporate Sustainability, Trading, Financial Solutions, Hedging, Carbon Emissions, Offsets, PPA/GPA, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Fuels

  • Commodity Technology Advisory

    Commodity Technology Advisory

    Commodity Technology Advisory is the leading analyst organization covering the Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM) technology markets. They provide invaluable insights, backed by primary research and years of experience, into the issues and trends affecting the users and providers of the applications and services crucial for success in markets constantly roiled by globalization, regulation and innovation. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Sugar Land, Texas. The company specializes in offering CTRM Market Analysis, Market Research, CTRM, ETRM, risk, AI, blockchain, software, consultant, and technology

  • ETRM Services

    ETRM Services

    The company’s exclusively focus on the trading or risk management cluster, including all ancillary applications connecting to the core trading systems, enable them to provide customized, comprehensive and business-focused services. Through an easy to engage managed services model, the appropriate technical experts proactively deliver resolutions for both large-scale program / project initiatives or smaller-scale incident and change management needs. Their professionals are located in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and India, ensuring 24/7 coverage for our clients worldwide. An India-based team monitors overnight operations for multiple customers. The company was founded in 2009

  • One Source Risk Management & Funding

    One Source Risk Management & Funding

    One Source Risk Management and Funding, Inc. is the premier specialist broker for Credit Insurance and Risk Mitigation products. They work with all of the carriers on behalf, to design the most cost-effective and comprehensive program possible. The company specializes in providing Export Insurance, Excess Insurance, Political Risk Insurance, PUTS, Credit Reports, Commercial Collections, Outsourcing, Factoring, Receivables Management Services, and Foreign Exchange Hedging. As a complimentary service, the CIS department gathers the appropriate information needed to help approve, increase, or reinstate buyer coverage. One Source created CIS in 2010 after realizing that many clients struggled with buyer coverage cancellations, declines, or reductions from insurance carriers

  • Opportune


    Opportune is a leading global energy business advisory firm specializing in adding value to clients across the energy industry, including upstream, midstream, downstream, power and gas, commodities trading, and oilfield services. They work with clients to provide comprehensive solutions to their operational and financial challenges. Across energy segments, their practice areas include sophisticated financial reporting, dispute resolution, enterprise risk, investment banking, outsourcing, process and technology, reserve engineering and geosciences, restructuring, strategy and organizational design, tax, transactional due diligence, and valuation. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Houston, Texas

  • Timetrics Risk

    Timetrics Risk

    Timetrics is a full-service specialized Risk Advisory and Consultancy firm servicing all areas of enterprise risk management. They focus on high-level and detailed risk management applications with a hands-on approach to delivering tangible shareholder value and metrics to all aspects of an enterprise. They also specialize in complex quantitative models and risk solutions in the form of customized Earnings at Risk and Decision Support software to help Clients adequately measure, monitor, and manage their risk exposure. They recently pioneered an Infrastructure-at-Risk(TM) modules for the detailed quantification of risk in physical assets. Their analytical modules also cater to Corporates and Governments, providing company-wide Procurement-at-Risk capabilities to a full spectrum of today's businesses