BeyondTrust: Delivering Visibility to Reduce Internal and External Risks

BeyondTrust: Delivering Visibility to Reduce Internal and External Risks

CIO VendorKevin Hickey, President & CEO
Combating the malware behind today's data breaches is a constant struggle for organizations of all sizes. Cybersecurity professionals are facing a new, harsher reality of increasing sophisticated threats that cause difficulty in defending against data breaches. In response, security teams are struggling to implement new strategies and deploy emerging cyber-defense technologies. In today's shifting threat landscape, the energy and utility companies remain a prime target for cybercrime with their sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, BeyondTrust, a cyber security company assists firms by delivering the visibility to reduce risks, and control to act against internal and external data breaches. “We are enabling organizations to consistently and efficiently reduce risk across their most diverse IT environments,” begins Kevin Hickey, President and CEO, BeyondTrust. “Our customers can not only mitigate user-based risks arising from the misuse of system or device privileges, but also identify and remediate asset vulnerabilities targeted by cyber-attacks.”

Founded in 1985, BeyondTrust is addressing both internal and external threats, while making every device–physical, virtual, mobile and cloud–as secure as possible. The company provides a wide array of managed security and risk services to meet the needs of various industries, including financial services, healthcare, government, media and entertainment, education, and energy. The firm’s unified privileged account management and vulnerability management solutions reduce internal and external security risks faced by energy and utility companies, while enabling compliance with data security mandates such as NERC and PCI DSS. BeyondTrust’s products include PowerBroker, Retina, and BeyondInsight, which enables organizations to shrink attack surfaces, proactively eliminate data breaches from insider privilege abuse, and external hacking attacks.

With PowerBroker, users can remove administrator access from end users, securely store and rotate privilege passwords as well as manage and monitor privilege sessions.“Our integrated privilege and vulnerability management solutions provide visibility into the real risks facing organizations, with maximum efficiency and minimal noise,” says Hickey.

Retina vulnerability management solutions address external hacking threats and allow IT security teams to not only identify security exposures across their IT landscape but also gives prescriptive guidance in a simple step by step format to effectively understand and deal with risks. The privilege and vulnerability management solutions are integrated under the BeyondInsight IT Risk Management platform, which provides unmatched visibility and control across internal and external threat environments. In addition to comprehensive risk and compliance reporting capabilities, BeyondInsight delivers intelligent threat analytics that alerts IT and security professionals to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other hidden risks in complex energy and utility environments.

In one instance Aera Energy LLC, a natural gas, oil exploration and production company wanted to meet their strict compliance regulations and operational practices requirements. The company teamed up with BeyondTrust and deployed their PowerBroker privileged account management solution to secure and automate the process of managing and cycling privileged passwords. It also addressed the compliance regulations by logging, auditing and reporting on their privileged activities. “PowerBroker allowed us to have single point of accountability and the ability to keystroke log activities to understand every day uses,” says Dave Bertram, IT Systems Analyst, Aera Energy.

Hickey attributes the company’s substantial success over the past year to the expansion of its PowerBroker product portfolio that includes the addition of industry’s cutting-edge vulnerability management solution, Retina CS. “Our mission is to provide customers with real-time threat intelligence coupled with zero-gap visibility across all cyber attack surfaces,” concludes Hickey

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Kevin Hickey, President & CEO

Provides privilege and vulnerability management solutions that deliver the visibility to reduce risks and the control to act against data breach threats