Certified Security Solutions: Preventing Cyber Attacks and Service Outages

Certified Security Solutions: Preventing Cyber Attacks and Service Outages

CIO VendorKevin von Keyserling, President & CEO
From providing electricity to households and businesses to supplying fuels for the transportation industry, energy infrastructure has played a crucial role in the development of human civilization. However, as energy sector is increasingly depending on automation and internet-connected communications to improve the efficiency of operations, the risk of cyber attacks has parallelly increased as well. “The cost of an outage, breach, or malicious use of enterprise assets has let the executives, insurers, risk managers, and boards asking if assets are secure—and how,” says Kevin von Keyserling, President and CEO, Certified Security Solutions(CSS). At this juncture, one company that addresses these challenges is CSS. With its identity and access management technology, the company helps prevent outages, optimize infrastructure, and assist with risk management and regulatory compliance.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers variety of tools for the energy industry to facilitate visibility into energy usage, distribution automation and remote management of network equipments. The recent advancement of IoT-enabled solutions for energy and utility industry includes smart grids, smart meters, pipeline and wellhead monitoring. To provide proper authentication and security for such IoT enabled-devices, CSS offers VerdeTTo IoT Identity Platform, a secure and scalable cloud solution that manages digital identities used for device authentication, data encryption, and secure communication. VerdeTTo ensures that essential security pre-requisites are met so that authenticity of each device, integrity of its communication, and validity of data do not hinder business objectives. As a result, energy firms can trust their device fleets, fully leverage collected data, and filter out illegitimate or unwanted data.

The present wireless network standards perform user authentication, signaling and data encryption, as well as message integrity protection by deploying symmetric key methods only. In such a situation there is a need to provide more flexible, reconfigurable and scalable security mechanisms that can advance in a many-to-many trust relationship model.

While CSS continues to help energy firms navigate recovery to a secure state after a crisis; we engage in proactive security planning to avoid crises from the start

CSS realized that employing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) over a network eliminates the need of a secure channel to transfer keys between two communication devices, thus providing the required security to the whole system. A PKI from CSS offers the appropriate framework to overcome symmetric key based security inefficiencies, providing powerful solutions to protect both network core signaling and data from potential intruders. The availability of PKI not only provide the apt level of inter operator trust, but it also provides solutions that enhance user-to-network confidence in end-to-end security options.

To boost their PKI management capabilities, recently, the firm announced their membership in Thales e-Security’s Alliance for Solution and Application (ASAP) technology and channel partner program. CSS’s software Certified Management System (CMS) and PKI Managed Service are paired with Thales nShield Connect Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to provide comprehensive, scalable, and tamper-resistant digital certificate. However, the root encryption keys handled outside the cryptographic boundary of a certified HSM are radically more susceptible to attack, which can lead to compromise of critical PKI private keys. Thales nShield Connect HSMs integrates with CSS' PKI managed service to provide comprehensive logical and physical protection together with automated certificate monitoring and reporting.

The belief in making the energy environment more secure drives CSS to enhance their solutions that optimize current digital identity-based technologies and enable the proliferation of cryptographically sound processes. “While CSS continues to help energy firms navigate recovery to a secure state after a crisis; we engage in proactive security planning to avoid crises from the start,” concludes von Keyserling.

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