CYBERBIT: Detecting and Responding to Advanced Cyber Threats in SCADA and IT Networks

CYBERBIT: Detecting and Responding to Advanced Cyber Threats in SCADA and IT Networks

Rising cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in both IT and the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks is increasing, risking sensitive information network operations in the energy space. Firms are facing an uphill task in detecting and responding to advanced cyber threats and SCADA network anomalies. “These challenges impose a great risk to the operational continuity of the organization—which can cause financial loss, risk lives of people, and have regulatory and reputational implications,” says Adi Dar, CEO, CYBERBIT. Moreover, the growing connectivity between IT and Operational Technology (OT) networks creates additional loopholes for the hackers and hence, it is necessary to strengthen security, especially detection and response capabilities.

CYBERBIT, a leading cyber security company, develops innovative solutions for detecting, analyzing and responding to advanced threats. “CYBERBIT’s suite of security products– CyberShield–assists organizations in confronting the challenges of detecting and responding to advanced and targeted threats in both IT and SCADA networks,” explains Dar. The suite comprises of CYBERBIT’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), SCADA Detection and Response, Security Incident Response Platform (SIRP) and Cyber Training solutions.

CYBERBIT’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution is comprised of a kernel-based agent, and big data analytics for detecting quiet cyber attacks and minimizing false positives. Additionally, it has an analysis and response application for real-time forensics and for facilitating fast response execution. A successful cyber attack prefers a unique path to intrude into the system, and thus its algorithm varies with time. In order to stay immune with advanced methods of breach, the malware research team at CYBERBIT provides regular updates with analytics and constant research on threats’ behaviors.

SCADA network anomalies can be caused by security threats, system malfunctions, human errors and tampering attempts, risking operational continuity. In order to detect and respond to these threats, CYBERBIT provides SCADA network solution for monitoring the SCADA transmissions using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for all protocol layers, thus, generating security and operational alerts, facilitating forensics investigation, and providing an updated and real-world network map.

CYBERBIT leverages the knowledge and experience of its security specialist teams and reverse engineers to provide its customers with leading products and capabilities to confront advanced and targeted threats

Another offering in the portfolio is CYBERBIT’s Security Incident Response Platform (MnR), which is designed to constitute the core Security Operations Center (SOC) system for analyzing, managing and responding to cyber threats. The product incorporates business intelligence and security alerts and creates continuous situational awareness of the organizational cyber domain, and allows the SOC personnel to respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats. “MnR automatically leverages past knowledge and experience in incident response and mitigation, allowing a more informed and knowledgeable process,” says Dar.

The cyber security professionals in an organization need to update themselves with the advancement in cyber threats. CYBERBIT’s Cyber Trainer provides a live, hands-on security training and simulation, in a stand-alone environment using a variety of threat scenarios for IT and SCADA networks.

With such reliable products on-board, the company ensures complete security of OT and IT networks for their clients. For instance, a major energy utility of a European country was interested in gaining complete visibility and security of its OT network activity in order to detect cyber threats, system malfunctions, and network and equipment problems. CYBERBIT implemented its SCADA detection and response solution, providing the utility with full network in-depth analysis, forensic capabilities and enhanced security, empowering its network operators to assure operational continuity.

Forging ahead, CYBERBIT focuses on assisting organizations to protect themselves from advanced and targeted cyber threats. With an aim to expand globally, the firm plans to enter the U.S. and increase their footprint in Europe and the Far East.

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Adi Dar, CEO

Provides innovative solutions for detecting, analyzing and responding to advanced and targeted threats in IT and SCADA networks