Qualys [NASDAQ: QLYS]: Continuous and Proactive Network Monitoring to Prevent Cyber...

Qualys [NASDAQ: QLYS]: Continuous and Proactive Network Monitoring to Prevent Cyber Attacks

CIO VendorPhilippe Courtot, Chairman & CEO
Energy is identified as critical infrastructure as it fuels the economies of the world. Without a steady supply of energy, a national economy can’t work. The energy sector incorporates production, storage, and distribution of oil, gas and electric power. The operators in these departments use energy management system to oversee control equipment in a local area with the assistance of Distributed Control System (DCS). Subsequently, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) framework and different DCS deal with the tremendous topographically scattered appropriation operations. Previously, the correspondence between devices, DCS, and SCADA system were carried on closed, private networks, which are now replaced with open, public networks which are cost effective and offer ample bandwidth. However, the move has also parallelly increased the susceptibility of energy sector for cyber attacks. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Qualys [NASDAQ: QLYS] offers on-demand solutions for network vulnerability management that provides a fully automated way to non-disruptively scan new SCADA networks, inventory assets, identify vulnerabilities, track remediation, reduce network security risks, and reporting necessary to meet IT policy compliance requirements. Qualys’ offerings include cloud-based Vulnerability Management (VM), Policy Compliance, and Web Application Scanning (WAS) solutions to meet the needs of energy industry. These services delivered as an on-demand web service. The company’s cloud-based VM solution delivers the visibility to protect systems from internet threats. It continuously discovers and scans new SCADA networks, inventory assets, and identifies the vulnerabilities in the servers, computers, and other devices to reduce network security risks. The VM helps organizations to apply patches and verify they have been properly implemented in opportune way both externally and within their firewall. It additionally monitors security issues and gives records and dashboards to help associations rapidly, adequately enhance security posture.

The company’s Policy Compliance solution includes built-in auditing and reporting for NERC compliance.

Qualys’ offerings include cloud-based Vulnerability Management (VM), Policy Compliance, and Web Application Scanning (WAS) solutions to meet the needs of energy industry

By continuously capturing the security and compliance postures, it disposes the need of performing separate audit for various compliances which brings out the reduction of time, cost, energy, and complexity in maintaining continuous compliance. It alerts document and compliance failure to help organizations avoid penalty and protect their reputation.

Lastly, the Qualys’ WAS is an integrated scanning and firewall solution. It empowers firms to discover, catalog, and protect all their web applications by continuously performing comprehensive accurate scans to reveal critical vulnerabilities such as malware injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and web site misconfiguration. The solution automatically notifies the Qualys web application firewall to deploy a virtual patch to stop web attacks and prevent data breaches.

In one instance, one of their client Williams, a natural gas company and supplier of energy infrastructure in North America needed to hold their outsource provider of network security to ensure that the patch levels would be apply properly to avoid the cyber attacks. The organization likewise needed to have insource patching system so as to make sure that their network is secure. Williams used Qualys’ vulnerability scanning solution, which provides scanning and reporting results accessible on month to month premise inside their organization.

“We look forward to analyze trends in the technology industry and address the issues firms are facing in these intense financial times that influence their industry's ability to grow and compete on the global stage,” affirms Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO, Qualys. “With the expertise in businesses through every stage of growth, we will build on our momentum to further drive global expansion for Qualys to the next level,” adds Courtot

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Philippe Courtot, Chairman & CEO

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